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Discover Real Hungarian Paprika Pastes

The secret to more flavorful everything!

Banish the red powder from your kitchen forever and open your tastebuds to a brilliant, bright red fruit — spicy and sweet — the real Hungarian paprika cream. Crushed and prepared from the finest Paprika! Harvested from the plant when the Paprika fruit is ripened and perfect.  Never dried!

Traditional pastes & unique flavor powerhouses
Most Americans have never tasted real paprika. But every day, Europeans bring its authentic flavors to their table the traditional way, in paprika pastes. Univer pastes and blending creams are finally available here! Transform everyday meals into extraordinary dishes your family and friends will love.

  • Add zip to sauces, dressings and soups with flavors far beyond ordinary peppers
  • Enhance eggs, appetizers, vegetables, pasta and rice dishes
  • Add unique flavor to stews & discover authentic Hungarian goulashes
  • Simply spread on beef, chicken, and fish as a marinade or glaze — marvelous!
  • Gluten Free and full of vitamin C too